Ladies and Gentlemen . . . . . .

This is the type of person making our country look crappy.
This women honestly thought she was right to talk to other human beings like that. Please note that bad language and racism appears in the video

Everyone has a right to live!
Even if it isn't in a country their family was originally from.
The people she was pointing at were probably born here and have just as much as a right to live here as anyone else.

This woman and all others like her should stop being so closed minded and grow up!

Stop blaming your own faults on others!

It makes me laugh the amount of 'white' people standing outside job centres. They are too lazy to do the work, living in their council houses. They have no intention of stepping out of their houses and getting of there lazy backsides and doing some hard work.

Don't moan if other hard working take the jobs if you can't be bothered!

Just a reminder, this is how MJ said it.